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This Comment proposes Representative Democracy Brackets, a multi-level manner of choosing candidates in which all voters have an equal voice, but which by its structure reduces the effect of mass marketing in favor of a focus on forming and evaluating interpersonal relationships. By implementing Representative Democracy Brackets, a state or the United States can achieve the twin benefits of decreasing the undue effects of political spending and increasing the quality of the resulting decisions. The proposed brackets winnow the pool of voters until it is small enough to make an informed decision.

This Comment defines the problem by reviewing the current state of campaign expenditures and the potentially negative effects of those expenditures on elections. To define the space within which changes could be made, the Comment discusses the law, including recent case law, that governs the financing and manner of holding elections. The Comment describes other decision-making processes and their features. Finally, the Comment proposes Representative Democracy Brackets as a viable solution, identifying the key success factors and the challenges to state or national implementation.

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