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Cleveland State Law Review


The operations of the Cleveland Municipal housing court commenced April 2, 1980. The Housing Court, a division of the Cleveland Municipal Court system, was established to resolve all housing-related disputes. While considered by some as a welcome solution to overcrowded court dockets, others view it as simply another unnecessary cog in an already overburdened bureaucratic wheel. Close examination indicates, however, that there is a serious question as to whether this specialized judicial division is in fact meeting its intended purpose.

This Article will critically examine the Housing Court's historical setting, constitutional foundation and jurisdictional powers. In addition, comparison with systems established in other states provides possible alternative suggestions for successful operation. Finally, an in-depth analysis of current problems, including inadequate funds and staff, political manipulation and protracted procedural delays, seeks to answer the question of whether the Housing Court will become a meaningful and positive force for change, or simply an "indecisive, inefficient and interminable" bureaucratic nightmare.

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