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The focus of this panel is incrementally shifting from the previous panel. Whereas the previous was looking at public/private issues and issues relating to incentivizing innovation in the subject countries, we're going to take a focus more on, I think it's safe to say, from an external perspective looking at these countries and issues that are confronted by businesses who our either planning to deal with the four subject countries or are concerned about their technologies being used in their four subject countries.

We have four panelists, and each of them is going to speak to one of the four countries. We're going to start with Julie Lee from Foley & Lardner, and she's going to be looking at special issues relating to China. And following that we're going to be hearing from Robert Ahdieh, who is at Emory Law School. His focus is going to be in particular on Russia. We're then going to turn to Srividhya Ragavan, and she's with the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She's going to be addressing in particular India. And we're going to end by having Kevin talk to us, and his focus is going to be nominally on Brazil, though his experience has been fairly far-reaching so he will no doubt address some of the issues that apply to all four of the subject countries.

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