Handbook on Intellectual Property Research: Lenses, Methods, and Perspectives

Authorship Note

The Handbook of Intellectual Property Research is a compilation edited by Irene Calboli and Maria Lillà Montagnani, featuring the following contributors:

Ahmed Abdel-Latif
Graeme W. Austin
Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azmi
Margo Bagley
Arpan Banerjee
Ann Bartow
Sharon Bar-Ziv
Rudi Bekkers
Catherine Bell
Jose Bellido
Michael Birnhack
Maurizio Borghi
Margaret Chon
Irene Calboli
Jacques de Werra
Jennifer Davis
Jeremy de Beer
Estelle Derclaye
Dipa Dube
Alan Durant
Christine Haight Farley
Giancarlo Frosio
William T. Gallagher
Shubha Ghosh
Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan
Michael Grynberg
Debora J. Halbert
Eva Hofmann
Steven Jamar
Peter Jaszi
Deidré Keller
Lina Kestemont
Abhijeet Kumar
Fiona MacMillan
Mariateresa Maggiolino
Gregory N. Mandel
Laurent Manderieux
Alan C. Marco
Thomas Margoni
Althaf Marsoof
Arianna Martinelli
Maria Lillà Montagnani
Lateef Mtima
Caroline B. Ncube
George Nicholas
Miranda Risang Ayu Palar
Elfriede Penz
Megan Richardson
Pedro Roffe
Zahr K. Said
Joshua D. Sarnoff
Daniel Seng
Ajay K. Sharma
Dilip Sharma
Jeremy N. Sheff
Jessica Silbey
David Tan
Tim Taylor
Marketa Trimble
J. Janewa Osei Tutu
Geertrui Van Overwalle
Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
Anjali Vats
Saurabh Vishnubhakat
Peter K. Yu
Laura Zoboli

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The relevance of intellectual property (IP) law has increased dramatically over the last several years. Globalization, digitization, and the rise of post-industrial information-based industries have all contributed to a new prominence of IP law as one of the most important factors in driving innovation and economic development. At the same time, the significant expansion of IP rules has impacted many areas of public policy such as public health, the environment, biodiversity, agriculture, information, in an unprecedented manner. The growing importance of IP law has led to an exponential growth of academic research in this area. This Book offers a comprehensive overview of the methods and approaches that can be used to address and develop scholarly research questions related to IP law. In particular, this Book aims to provide a useful resource that can be used by IP scholars who are interested in expanding their expertise in a specific research method or seek to acquire an understanding of alternative lenses that could be applied to their research. Even though this Book does not claim to include all existing research methodologies, it represents one of the largest and most diverse compilations, which has been carried out to date. In addition, the authors of this Book comprise an equally diverse group of scholars from different jurisdictions, backgrounds, and legal traditions. This diversity, both regarding the topics and the authors, is a fundamental feature of the Book, which seeks to assist IP scholars worldwide in their research journeys.

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Oxford University Press


Irene Calboli & Maria Lillà Montagnani

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