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Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice




This article addresses the key law and policy levers affecting Latinxs in what the U.S. Census Bureau designates as the South. Since the rise of the Latinx population from the 1980s onward, few legal scholars and researchers have participated in a sustained dialogue about how law and policy affects Latinxs living in the South. In response to this gap in legal research, this article provides an overview of the major law and policy challenges and opportunities for Latinxs in this U.S. region. Part II examines the geopolitical landscape of the South with special focus on the enduring legacy of Jim Crow and White supremacy, as well as provides a brief demographic overview of Latinxs in this part of the county. Part III delves into law and policy issues related to political mobilization, immigration, education, and economic opportunity. We explore each policy area by drawing on a diverse universe of knowledge: U.S. Census data, research papers and projects, published interviews, legislation, social science research, newspaper and media profiles, and judicial opinions. Part IV of this article offers a vision for building Latinx political power in the South rooted in coalition building and identifying networks of activism.

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University of Southern California Gould School of Law

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