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With the frenetic pace of technological development in the area of global communications, it is no wonder that consumers and businesses are adopting and taking advantage of these technologies before they are fully mature. The law is being refined every day. Most recently, the Supreme Court granted certiorari to decide whether Congress's recent twenty-year extension of the term of copyright protection is constitutional. Hotly disputed topics include digital copyright and liability for trademark infringement from technologically-driven issues such as hyperlinking and metatag use. This move to the Internet, to our client's surprise, presented a variety of legal issues that must be dealt with. For example, who owns the data pertinent to these tenants? How does our client keep its server data secure? Who owns the copyrights and trademarks that will be used during the on-line sessions? After our client's initial foray into the U.S. market, what international issues arise when our client begins to service customers in the European Union or other countries? A closer inspection reveals that, with planning, our clients may embrace this move, because any "lurking dangers" may be avoided.



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