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Davin L. Seamon

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While the State of Maryland is far from a traditional epicenter of conventional oil and gas development, the ubiquitous Marcellus Shale runs strong through two of Maryland's western panhandle counties, Garrett and Allegheny, and the play for these reserves has many of the industry's eyes squarely trained on this somewhat economically depressed area of Maryland. Several operators have begun preliminary work in the area, and a few large, mid-continental operators have charged headlong into western Maryland performing title examinations, securing leases, and obtaining title opinions in the hopes of pioneering a new geographic market and injecting a much needed boost of economic development into the sleepy, rural area. A few operators have applied for permits to drill and operate horizontal wells in Garrett and Allegheny Counties; however, this is where the fervor, activity, and excitement stops, and the development train leaps from its tracks. To date, the State of Maryland has yet to issue its first horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing permit.



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