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This Case Study Appendix to the Technical Reports expands on regulations in San Antonio and El Paso where these water alternatives are in place. The goal of this report is to provide insight into the legal and regulatory barriers, challenges, and opportunities for these technologies to go online. Each desalination and water recycling faciality implementation site must comply with various laws and regulations. The information in these Case Studies comes from the study of brackish groundwater desalination and water recycling facilities currently operating in Texas. While there is no updated “one-stop-shop” resource where a municipal leader can find a list of all the necessary permits to build, operate, and maintain such facilities, this Technical Report aims to compile the existing, available information in an organized and accessible fashion.

The Desalination Technical report is the third in a series of three reports which make up the Project. These reports examine regulations surrounding desalination and water recycling. The companion reports generally highlight building, operating, and monitoring requirements for water recycling facilities in Texas.

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Legal & Regulatory Framework for Brackish Groundwater Desalination and Water Recycling in Texas


Texas A&M University School of Law Program in Natural Resources Systems


Fort Worth, TX


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