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Tiny Homes are an environmentally friendly housing option popping up across the United States. Tiny Homes have a minimal environmental footprint due to their small size and eco-friendly design. As such, Tiny Homes could address several of the Environmental Protection Agency’s city development goals. The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has created a Smart Growth program that provides financial assistance to cities seeking to implement greener practices throughout city planning. Tiny Home Eco communities could become a popular Smart Growth development plan. Unfortunately, cities have not welcomed Tiny Homes, and this alternative green housing scheme has remained undeveloped. This Comment is a proposal to expand the EPA’s Smart Growth program to include pre-planned Tiny Home Eco communities. Currently, prospective Tiny Home owners lack the freedom to choose this environmentally-friendly housing option. This proposal seeks to incentivize cities to reform zoning regulations by providing public transportation to those implementing the proposed communities.

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