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As I’ve worked on this topic, it really has evolved. I was thrown into land use, but land use opened my eyes to new water tools. Nationwide there is a shift towards conservation of water and water sustainability. Land use might be the “ace-in-the-hole,” not the simple act of turning the water off when you brush your teeth—even though I want you to do that.

What’s important when talking about how we are going to survive, is “where are we going?” Because cities are so overpopulated, we are moving out of rural areas and into cities. This has caught the interest of the Water Development Board because water usage is only going up. Overall, nobody will need less water in the future. This doesn’t mean there aren’t levers we can pull to make new individual users use water in a new way. As we move towards urban areas, we get into this “tug of war.” City residents along with the Oil & Gas and Agricultural industries all share water and have to figure out how to share. The key is how to share effectively.



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