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The Author’s purpose is to show the American community—and specifically the legal community—how and why Hockett’s proposal is not an ethically correct or appropriate solution for the underwater mortgage crisis. To achieve this end, the Author will give a detailed explanation of Professor Hockett’s proposal in Part II. Next, the Author will set forth Hockett’s explanation of what caused the underwater mortgage crisis in Part III. In Part IV the Author will provide his own belief on what the cause of the underwater mortgage crisis is. Then, after showing how Hockett does not assess the cause of the underwater mortgage crisis correctly, the Author will then show the reader how Hockett’s solution is not ethically appropriate in Part V. This Comment will evaluate the ethical resolve of Hockett’s solution using the legal philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas. However, the Author is confident that if the reader is willing to inspect Hockett’s solution against the facts of what created the underwater mortgage crisis, the reader will then develop an intuitive sense for why Hockett’s solution is neither ethically correct nor appropriate.

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