The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law is a scholarly publication dedicated to promoting academic discussions of property law. The journal explores the relationships arising from ownership, possession and use of property. Because of the inherent connectivity between property law and other disciplines, Texas A&M Journal of Property Law aims to:

  • provide an expanded lens to view, discuss and understand these complexities, and
  • facilitate thoughtful and intelligent discourse of national, state and local issues that shape the field of property law today.
The Journal not only serves as an important tool for legal scholarship but also provides its staff members an opportunity to develop their own editing and writing skills. Accordingly, each volume contains articles by student authors, as well as outside authors. The Journal publishes a scholarly publication not less than two times per academic year.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

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Current Issue: Volume 9, Number 4 (2023) Fall 2021 Symposium: Natural Property Rights


Executive Board


Executive Board

Kyle Dockendorf
Managing Editor
Leah Macias
Business Editor
Anne-Claire Rhymes
Executive Editor
Madeleine Hamparian
Symposium Editor
Kalvin Guyer
Associate Managing Editor
William Mahaffy

General Board

Senior Citation Editor
Tori Giesbrecht
Senior Articles Editor
Claire Fecteau
Citation Editors
Josue Barron
Angel Torres
Rachel West
Note and Comment Editors
John Gillett
Rhyan Phillips
Max Ward
Articles Editors
Reba Martin
Ethan Libby Pelletier
Sarah Subramanian

Senior Staff

Johnathon Blaine
Erendira Cruz
Madeleine Dickson
Preslie Grumbles
Kaylie Hidalgo
Ashlyn McCall
Kayla McCallum
Kelly McCauley


Faris Babineaux
Carol Barrera
Michael Betrus
Emma Blackmon
Lauren Brownlee
Kate Burcham
Emily Campbell
Adia Caviness
Andrea Cooper
Devon Espinoza-Fontenot
Kacey Faver
Kelly Fitzgerald
Cullen Flaherty
Stephanie Garner
Phoebe Giglotti
Mariel Greene
Asher Gregg
Allie Grubb
Cathina Gunn-Rosas
John Hinojosa
Carter Jamison
Lauren Mamrosh
Brandon Martin
Diana Mercado-Champion
Morgan Miller
Ashtyn Oakley
Carson Smith
David Stiles
Taylor Stilwell
Andrew Waldeck
Alexander Yow
Faculty Advisor
Professor Vanessa Casado Pérez
Staff Advisor
Lori Bacon
Advisory Board
Dean Timothy Mulvaney
Professor Peter Yu