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Duquesne Law Review


This article provides an overview of the Drafting for Public Policy course offered at the Texas A&M University School of Law. The article addresses the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of the course, including how such a course easily encompasses the teaching of cultural context and awareness, as well as professional identity, and encourages students to engage deeply in the policymaking process. It also explores the continued relevance of the work of Harold D. Lasswell, as well as that of Myres McDougal and Anthony Kronman. These works, from 1943 and 1993 respectively, resonate now because they called on law schools to engage students in practical application and ensure they developed a sound professional identity with an emphasis on commitment to the public good-two calls the legal academy hears loudly today. The article also provides a sample syllabus, ideas for assignments, and discussions of elements of the textbook used in the course to provide readers guidance in developing their own courses.

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