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This Article offers a snapshot of the initial two-month development process of a new law firm incubator program-the Los Angeles Incubator Consortium (LAIC). LAIC is a collaborative project of Pepperdine University School of Law, Southwestern Law School, and UCLA School of Law that was launched in collaboration with the Los Angeles Law Library and various local legal aid providers through seed funding from the California Commission on Access to Justice.14 Part II discusses the leadership role of California's Commission on Access to Justice in promoting incubators as models to increase the availability of affordable legal services for the modest-means population. It describes its efforts in convening regional gatherings to educate the bar about the need to explore new approaches to collaboration. Part III discusses the need for local collaboration to support New Solos to develop sustainable businesses. By describing their roles and relationships to the New Solos we attempt to further explain the need for greater collaboration to pilot models that advance delivery of legal services to modest-income clients. Part IV delves into the mechanics of launching an attorney incubator program in a collaborative form. It offers recommendations for how to identify participants, program directors, and mentors to launch the initial training program. The Article concludes by discussing the need for greater evaluation of these programs to determine best practices for New Solo training in delivery of legal services to modest-income clients. By writing about our experience as this program is launched, we hope to offer a blueprint that encourages more collaborative models that benefit New Solos and the client population that desperately needs lawyer alternatives between free and market rate.

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