Reconsidering Prejudice in Alternative Dispute Resolution for Black Work Matters

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Despite the impact that civil procedure has on marginalized people, discussions of systemic inequality are frequently viewed as beyond the scope of law-school courses on the subject—a detour from supposedly neutral black-letter law. But it is not possible to fully understand or fairly apply procedural rules without awareness of the potential impact of those rules on vulnerable members of our communities. Considerations of equity and justice belong at the center of the study and application of civil procedure—and at the center of the promulgation and interpretation of procedural law by judges, scholars, and rule makers. Indeed, the very perception of these issues as marginal to civil procedure perpetuates exclusion. This book represents our efforts, and the efforts of our contributors, to center questions of inequality in the teaching, learning, and practice of civil procedure. The chapters represent voices of a diverse group of scholars that includes longtime leaders in the field as well as new voices. The contributions draw on a range of literatures—from critical theory to social science, from doctrinal examination to empirical analysis. The critical perspectives expressed are diverse as our authors and subjects. And the chapters take on many different procedural topics. But the authors, through the subjects they address, share an overarching goal: to shine a light on the ways in which civil procedure may privilege—or silence—voices in U.S. courts. Each chapter shows how the seemingly dry and technocratic tone of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the litigation process may conceal—or perpetuate—apathy, injustice, brutality, poverty, abuse of power, or discrimination.

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New York University Press


Brooke Coleman, Suzette Malveaux, Portia Pedro & Elizabeth Porter

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A Guide to Civil Procedure: Integrating Critical Legal Perspectives

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