Stifling Employee Activity With the EEOC Through Retaliation from Broad Severance Agreement Enforcement

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This book is the culmination of efforts by top government officials and leading attorneys in the fields of labor and employment law who participated and presented papers and law essays at New York University Law School’s Annual Conference on Labor on June 5-6, 2014. Its leading theme marked the fiftieth anniversary of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

This volume includes twenty chapters which are arranged in seven parts. Part One features an historical perspective with articles on Title VII: Fifty Year in Retrospect: View from the EEOC. Part Two features articles on the EEOC obligations and initiatives. Part Three discusses new developments in this area of law. Part Four features articles on disparate impact v. pattern or practice discrimination. Part Five discusses the use of experts. Part Six features discussion of the future of affirmative action and disparate impact. Part Seven features articles on arbitration.




Anne Lofaso

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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act After Fifty Years: Proceedings of the New York University Sixty-Seventh Annual Conference on Labor

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