Intellectual Property Law and Access to Medicines: TRIPS Agreement, Health, and Pharmaceuticals

Authorship Note

This Book is edited by Srividhya Ragavan & Amaka Vanni with the following contributing authors:

  • Srividhya Ragavan
  • Amaka Vanni
  • Susan Isiko Štrba
  • Sergio Napolitano
  • Bryan Mercurio
  • Burcu Kilic
  • Janewa Osei-Tutu
  • Teo Firpo
  • Michael S. Mireles
  • Gabriela Costa Chaves
  • Maria Auxiladora Oliveira
  • Jorge Antonio Zepeda Bermudez
  • Peter K. Yu
  • Gaëlle Groux
  • Jeremy de Beer
  • Anand Grover
  • Caroline B. Ncube
  • Van Anh Le
  • Michael Palmedo
  • Brook K. Baker
  • Felipe de Carvalho
  • Borges da Fonseca
  • Marcela Fogaça Vieira
  • Pedro Villardi
  • Emmanuel Kolawole Oke
  • Shirin Syed
  • Emily Michiko Morris
  • Doris Estelle Long
  • Graham Dutfield
  • Anthony C. K. Kakooza
  • Swaraj Paul Barooah

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The history of patent harmonization is a story of dynamic actors, whose interactions with established structures shaped the patent regime. From the inception of the trade regime to include intellectual property (IP) rights to the present, this book documents the role of different sets of actors – states, transnational business corporations, or civil society groups – and their influence on the structures – such as national and international agreements, organizations, and private entities – that have caused changes to healthcare and access to medication. Presenting the debates over patents, trade, and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement), as it galvanized non-state and nonbusiness actors, the book highlights how an alternative framing and understanding of pharmaceutical patent rights emerged: as a public issue, instead of a trade or IP issue. The book thus offers an important analysis of the legal and political dynamics through which the contest for access to lifesaving medication has been, and will continue to be, fought.

In addition to academics working in the areas of international law, development, and public health, this book will also be of interest to policy makers, state actors, and others with relevant concerns working in nongovernmental and international organizations.

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Law, Development and Globalization




Srividhya Ragavan & Amaka Vanni

Series Editor

Julio Faundez & Adriaan Bedner

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