Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections

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List of Contributors: Irene Calboli, Srividhya Ragavan, Susy Frankel, Danielle Conway, Doris Estelle Long, Yogesh Pai, Christine Haight Farley, Malte Hinrichsen, Enrico Bonadio, Shubha Ghosh, Roberta Rosenthal Kwall, Margo Bagley, Prabha Sridevan, Peter K. Yu, Carys Craig, Rebecca Tushnet, Sonia Katyal, Ann Bartow, Olufunmilayo B. Arewa, Johanna Gibson, David Tan, Haochen Sun, Christoph Antons, Tomer Broude, Peter Jaszi, Rosemary Coombe

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This book aims to create an interface between intellectual property and diversity – including cultural, biological, religious, racial, and gender based-diversity. While acknowledging that the historical rationale for intellectual property protection is based on theories of utilitarian incentives and property rights, the authors of this volume assert that the current intellectual property framework is not incompatible with including diversity as part of its objectives. Through its various themes, this book delves into the debate of whether such inclusion can be made possible and how intellectual property norms could be effectively used to protect and promote diversity. In this volume, leading scholars address ongoing regional, national, and international debates within the contexts of diversity, the existing legal framework, and the broader political and economic climate. The authors tackle such wide-ranging topics as the prohibition against trademarking slurs and concepts of intellectual property in ancient Indian texts.

  • The first book to survey diversity-related issues in intellectual property (IP)
  • The variety of critical theories and disciplinary frameworks will appeal to a broad range of scholars in the social sciences
  • Covers timely subjects such as the Washington Redskins trademark debate and pharmaceutical IP in developing countries

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