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Trends in Law Library Management and Technology


Starting a new position, for whatever reason, means remaining open to new people and new procedures. While it may not be evident, almost every procedure in a library has a historical reason for being. The challenge is to take the time to understand why something is done the way that it is, then evaluate whether the underlying basis still is valid. People often do things "because that's the way it's always been done" without comprehending the underlying reason for the existing procedure. But if the underlying reason still is valid, procedures shouldn't be changed haphazardly.

Understanding the culture of the parent organization and the mission of the law library within that organization is key to making a successful transition to a new position.

First, continue to educate yourself. That may mean a huge commitment, like attending law school, or just simply attending workshops to develop and enhance the skill set you already have. Also, try to keep fresh in the position you already have. Be open to new procedures or new ways of handling routine tasks.

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